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That's why we are special

We are a supplier and fastetst growing exporter of Italy, French and Egypt design furniture, with Focusing on utilizing handmade wooden arts in modern and classic home designs. We provide high class products and services for local suppliers and wholesalers as well as showroom owners and sales representatives.We are well experienced in both manufacturing and exporting, so that all you need to do is to select your order and enjoy it in a right time with the premium quality. contact us to have more information about models. Whatsapp: +989125972300 Email: Info@cariohome.com.


Saint-Denis & البدیع

Exploring the thorough research on various markets' taste, we have designed 2 collections of classic furniture sets based on customers needs. A very classic and antique collection designed and originated from minimalistic art from Italy and France, which is named as "Saint-Denis". A elegant handmade collection designed and originated from ancient culture of Egypt, which has a very big history behind it and is named as "AL-Badie (البدیع).